Exactly about Thread: Wife can't login to site

Wife can not login to site

My spouse can not login to the web site along with her game individual title and password it offers a verification mistake so what does she should do? Many Many Many Thanks dudes!

Can she log to the game? Peoples are getting haxed this weekend.

Yeah she can nevertheless play not log on the forums =\

Phone Account Help. It is quicker and safer to phone them.

Folks have been hacked and there is issue using the verification host. It there is other things incorrect they are able to let you know too.

For Account Management Phone Support be sure to call 855-WBGAMES or 781-407-4020. English help is available Sunday – Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 PM Eastern

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Account Management Phone help is going to be closed in the after times and times. Unless otherwise noted, the phones will re-open the day that is next 10:00 am Eastern with this standard help hours.

  • 24th of December: Closed at 4:00 pm
  • 25th of December: Closed for Christmas time
  • 1st of January: Closed for New Years time

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Phone Account Support. It's faster and safer to phone them.

Men and women have been hacked and there was clearly a nagging problem using the verification host. It there is other things incorrect they could too inform you.

Okay many many thanks I experienced to phone them whenever she resubbed a week ago after she got that and changed her password she hasn't been able to login at all from the moment she resubbed because she couldn't remember her login and password so. But we'll attempt to get hold of them today.

We noticed today, after changing my password yesterday evening, that We logged in to the discussion boards utilizing my old password. Maybe try that.

She doesn't remember her old password we left for just two years and additionally they provided her a brand new password right from the start =\ i recently called them plus they can not assist me personally this has to function as forum community dudes to assist therefore she put in a 2nd admission today. Are any forum techs working? We figured they might've gotten back into us at this point =(

I dunno exactly who a forum technology is nevertheless the go-to that is general listed here are Celestrata and Sapience. You could test a PM (personal message) for them.

She should nevertheless be in a position to browse the articles, but will not be in a position to enter the lottery through to the pw gets sorted.

Generally speaking, almost anything doing aided by the discussion boards will require a complete great deal of the time. Take pleasure in the vacation

The one thing you might take to:

As she can login to her account web page okay, replace the password here once once once again to different things. That the password modification process should bypass any such thing into the discussion boards password verification database.

Needless to say that cross-over procedure may be broken per a past post.

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