Hi-Tech Industries: Rad Data, FBC, StarLIMS,Wizcom Text Technologies,Ligatura, NBT, ByPass and more

Industry and Commerce: Israel America Investments, Gvar’am Envelopes, Ram Robotics,  Gevanim,  A.M. Flowers, Atmor Industries Ltd. Mati Jerusalem and many more.

Culture and Entertainment Establishments: Israel Youth Hostel Association including all the guest houses cross-country, Gesher Theatre, Habima Theatre, Beit Lessin Theatre, Tzavta Theatre, Hakameri Theatre, Hadran Tickets and more.

Non-profit organizations and private offices: Yosha Engineers, , Bernfeld Assessor, , Rejwan Travelling Agency, Ehud Tayar Engineers, Lavi Bar-Adon Accountant, Dr. Alter — Attorney at Law Office, Travellux and more.