Will-Networks Ltd. is an expert in providing overall computing solutions.

Our vision combines high professionalism and superb customer service. We believe in establishing close, ongoing and long term relationships with our customers, while providing high quality products and prompt service.

Our Goal

Providing overall and diverse solutions for all the computing systems in an organization, from planning to implementation, while providing professional and courteous service for companies, businesses and organizations, focusing on the client according to the Total Quality Service system.

Areas of Activity

  • IT solutions for SMB – Consultation and Implementation
  • ERP Systems (expertise in “Priority”) – Consultation and Establishment
  • Computer Networks and Planning of Passive and Active foundations – Consultation and Establishment
  • Networks – Ongoing up keeping and outsource service agreements
  • Computing Projects, Facilities and Computer Rooms – Planning, Implementing and Managing
  • Connecting PC Networks to Servers (Novell, Unix, NT, Win 2000/2003)
  • Providing Hardware and Software from leading providers in comfortable prices
  • Logistic and Infrastructural Information Security Systems – Planning, Consultation and Establishment
  • Solution Provider Center – Installation and Implementation of Intranet Infrastructure and Internet Provisions in fast frame relay lines.
  • Integration, Management and Maintenance of all Computing Activities
  • Quality Help Desk providing Online Support and Training
  • Data Backup and Data Restoration
  • Web Site solutions – defining, hosting, designing.
  • Conducting exhaustive surveys of the customer sites and preparing resulting customer portfolios
  • Trainings for Executives and End-Users – Computing, MS Office, Programming

Types of Customer Relationships

As part of Will Networks business and service policy we allow our customers a wide range of flexibility in the type of relationships we conduct with our customers:

System Stabilization

This service is the entry point to the system and includes a full site survey, system fault identification and recommendations.

Ongoing up-keeping


Hour Bank

The customer purchases a certain amount of tech support and service hours. This purchase allows the customer a significant reduction in the cost of up-keeping and a flexibility in operation.

Global Service (monthly/quarterly/yearly)

Providing full/partial service for the information systems in the organization. This type of relationship is based on a permanent budget appropriate for the needs of the organization throughout the year.

Per Call

This service is provided without any obligation and is based on our availability.

Will Networks quality services are provided to various businesses and organizations, private or governmental, across the country (click here to view our list of clients).