Will Networks Ltd. markets and implements the following Management Solutions:

Management Solutions — General

Provides a wide range of solutions for the ongoing activities in a small organization: full bookkeeping, budgets, profit centers, check printing, purchasing and inventory, marketing and customer relations, sales and so on. It also supports advanced issues such as: managing lot numbers, supporting commission deals and managing product assembly.

Extensive ERP software providing target solutions for any organization. Existing modules: inventory management, production floor, distribution management, financial management, multi-company management.

Extension to SAP products answering to requirements of all sizes of organizations, while providing solutions to small organizations and divisions functioning within large and multi-nation companies. Beyond this, the system supports a transparent interface and can be integrated with the electronic business platforms of mySAP Business Suite and Bina – and ERP software for small organizations.

Manufacturing Sector Management Solutions

IQ Manage
A network based software for managing decisions, consumer indices and documentation derived from the quality, safety and environmental management systems. The system employs a user friendly interface and an internet/intranet system allowing effective deployment the organizations management systems.

Business Sector Management Solutions

Power (Otzma)
DATA MINING software for CRM. The software is intended for distributing companies allowing visual display of the product groups the customers order. The software allows viewing the customers ordering history conveyed through graphs and colorful diagrams. The software also displays notifications in regards to the customers credit line.

Software for printing barcode labels and an inventory entry and exit system including a barcode gun.

Software for management and marketing which includes extensive modules for small businesses.

Office Management Solutions

Wiz Doc
Archiving software for filing information and files, allowing data retrieval based on a smart algorithm ensuring you will never lose track of important information.

Office Light
Office software by “Idea” allowing to implement a paperless office workflow. The software has an easy and friendly user interface and is fully compatible with Microsoft’s Office applications. Implementation of this software allows significant improvement in work efficiency and reducing paper costs up to 95%.