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That was as damning an indictment as any of Athawale commitment to self and perks as is his most recent unthinking statement that he is unaffected by rising fuel prices because as an MP he gets all his petrol for free. Yes, of course, Mr Athawale. But that comes out of our pockets hard earned tax payers money that we sweat and slog for, in the heat and dust..

canada goose store Frogs are canada goose store like other animals they need food, a place to live, protection from disease, a safe place to raise babies and all the other things that make life possible on this planet. But the class of animals that survived the Cretaceous Palaeogene extinction event that killed off 75 percent of all plants and animals on the planet (including the dinosaurs) is now shedding species at an alarming rate the world has lost around 200 frog species since the year 1970. Some are calling frogs the "canary in the coal mine," claiming that they might have a special sensitivity to pollutants, disease and habitat change canada goose store.