A frequent hockey gambling strategy is evaporating a group that is about the second half of playing on back-to-back days. This is reflected in gambling lines as teams that are playing their second game in as many days will generally have inflated odds and if you're sharp, you can grab the books napping.
Fortunately for you, I had the data team here in OddsShark run some numbers on back-to-backs and emphasized the groups you should be focusing on when putting your NHL wagers and some teams you should avoid.
Three teams to Fade in situations3. Toronto Maple Leafs: Optimism has become the subject of the Toronto Maple Leafs season but as one of the youngest teams in the NHL, winning always is an extremely tough endeavor. This is illustrated from the Leafs' 2-7 record at the second night of a back-to-back and their -508.81 profit margin in those games. That said, head coach Mike Babcock seems to know where his bread is buttered as he has led his team to a 6-3 record in the very first match of the Leafs' back-to-backs.2. Dallas Stars: What an awful followup to the 2015-16 season that saw the high-scoring Stars win the Central Division and evaluate the second-most goals. This year, Dallas has 42 points throughout 42 games and sits well below the league average in goals scored. In 2-6 in all back-to-back scenarios, the Stars are one of the worst teams to wager on when they have matches on successive days. The positive twist here is that they have staying on their program. 1. Arizona Coyotes: And now we get to the humble'Yotes. Arizona has made a commitment to analytics and so far, it is not paying too many dividends. The Coyotes are near the bottom of the league in almost every important stat class and have made a pathetic 3-9 record in back-to-back scenarios. An interesting angle, however, is that they are considerably worse in the very first game of back-to-backs and also have dropped bettors only $74 when they have bet on the'Yotes to win the second match of b2bs.