Yahoo! Maps provides satellite images to complement its standard map features. Like, Yahoo! Maps switches seamlessly between a standard map view and a satellite view with one click. There is a third option on the upper right section of the map labeled This incorporates many of the standard map features onto a satellite image.

The teaching philosophy of an online instructor is rooted in a belief in the power of education. Such instructors believe that through the acquisition of knowledge and the completion of academic degrees that the student is transformed and becomes greatly empowered. Because of this belief, teachers are often willing to invest significant amounts of time and energy into seeing this transformation take place..

According to the SEC order, Regulation S K requires public companies like Bank of America to disclose in the Management Discussion Analysis (MD section of its periodic financial reports any known uncertainties that it reasonably expects will have a material impact on income from continuing operations. Bank of America failed to adhere to these requirements by not disclosing known uncertainties about the future costs of mortgage repurchase claims when filing its financial reports for the second and third quarters of 2009. These uncertainties included whether Fannie Mae, a mortgage loan purchaser from Bank of America, had changed its repurchase claim practices after being put into conservatorship, the future volume of repurchase claims from Fannie Mae and certain monoline insurance companies that provided credit enhancements on certain mortgage loan sales, and the ultimate resolution of certain claims that Bank of America had reviewed and refused to repurchase but had not been rescinded by the claimants..

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